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We think that the Tranquility Float Tank is the most beautiful float tank in the world. Its unique, full length motorised door opens and closes stylishly at the touch of a button and will grace any setting. You can specify any colour for the door and side panels and we offer a large range of accessories. The remote control of the door, which is a standard feature, is the perfect way to signal the end of the float session, and is particularly useful in centres with more than one tank. It can be programmed to a timer too. The powerful heaters will allow long term floating with the door open as well as unlimited time at accurately controlled float temperature. The tallest possible floater is 234 cm or 7' 8", and even the tallest person can still sit up in the tank without hitting his head.

When people see this tank they want to caress its smooth curved shape, reminiscent of a dolphin, and pictures can not do justice to the "presence" this float tank has in life. It is also fully functional. The Tranquility, as with all our float tanks, has special sound transducers to excite the skin of the tub and produces high quality sound under water for the floater. The pump and filter system, including UV when chosen, fit within the footprint and are managed by a special automatic controller. The Tranquility also lives up to its name, producing profound relaxation. No wonder we have already sold this float tank on five continents! Its clever design will also allow installation into any normal building, and the weight is safe for any normal floor.

Floatation tank technical details:

Outside dimensions : 245 cm x 155 cm x 142 cm high
Weight when filled : 850 kg
Concealed controls box and filter housing
Floor must be strong and sound and covered with welded seam anti-slip vinyl flooring
Construction : Top quality GRP double skinned mouldings, hand finished
Celutex (TM) insulation
Sound insulating mat
Sprung suspension total sound isolation - Optional
For installation all parts will fit easily through standard domestic doors and staircases
Chemical auto-dosing - Optional
Customer can choose from eighty standard gel coat colours for door and sides (colour chart on request)
Power rating : 1500 Watts 230V AC Class One (earthed) suitable for 220 to 250 volts
Requires a 10-amp fused spur
Powerful pump and 30 micron filter system
Continuous heating, digitally thermostatically controlled to 36º C. (skin temperature)
Can be used with door fully open when required
Full airflow design ventilation, draught free
Stereo speakers
Two way intercom - Optional
Optional TFT video with video or DVD player
Internal lights with user controlled fader
Emergency battery opens door and keeps tank light lit for at least 30 minutes in case of a power cut
The external light relay can switch additional lighting if required
Attendant call button standard. All internal controls are air coupled
Easy open door, motorised with control button inside and outside
Remote operator monitor of functions with controls
Complete with instruction signage, operators manual, water treatment and chlorine kit, earplug starter kit, density checker, tank cleaner, water bottle
Fully installed with manufacturers warranty and service plan

Designed and constructed in accordance with EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-20-60.

Thanks to our policy of continuous improvement, these details may change without notice. Contact us.
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