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The Big Question
Tank or room?
Why do we make both?

We design and build both types, and also supply float pools. We have supplied more than 130 centres. Therefore we can advise on the choice.

Firstly, it cannot be denied that some experienced floaters prefer float rooms while others prefer float tanks. There is a trend for first time floaters to prefer the rooms and then gradually to come to prefer the tanks, which are cosier.

Secondly, both of our large products, the Floataround and Southern Oceans Float Room, can have two people floating at the same time. This is popular with first time floaters, less so with experienced floaters.

The Floataround requires a larger room but then again it has a luxurious.

The Float Cabin For Two and Tranquility are ideal commercial products using minimal space and being easy to manage from remote controls. The Tranquility motorised door is especially useful in large centres for managing customers ("the session is over when the door opens"). The Floataround in various versions has proved popular in high visibility designed centres because of its visual appeal.

For private sales, the customer can choose using any parameter he or she wishes! They can all be installed in houses. Please ask us for more details, and send your room plan for free advice.

How do other people describe the Tranquility tank?

Many people like to describe the Tranquility as curved, or organic, some call it the dolphin tank or the orchid shaped float tank. Some like the curved door with its elegant long lines, unusual in float tanks. When they see the float tank on TV they call it the modern looking float tank or the strange shaped float tank.

The search engines tell us that floaters look for the best float tank or the float tank with the long motorised door, they notice the coloured door often in interesting colours in our promotional material.

We try to reflect these descriptions so that would-be float tank owners can find us when they don't know our name. People ask us if ours was the float tank in the Simpsons! (It wasn't.) Or if it was the float tank in Absolutely Fabulous, or even the one in Altered States, but all those were before we designed the Floataway floatation tank. The silky water is also often mentioned because of the effect of the Epsom salts in the float tank.

Floating in the curved shape should be the same as any other floating experience but many floaters say they feel special in our space age flotation racing car! It looks like something that takes you places and of course it does, but inside your head. It is a classic shape for a float tank but also a futuristic design. The origins are strongly ergonomic, the shape allows a tall person to sit up without restriction, which is important in a floatation tank. The curved ceiling inside makes the water run to the edges and not drip.

Our new domestic tank is called the Skylark. Like the original design, people say it looks fantastic in the proper sense, it is how you would dream of a float tank. It has a curved natural shape like a sculpture. The Floataway float tank is the one people notice, it is a designer float tank.
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