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Floataway is proud to present our new floatation tank for home use, the 'Skylark'. In response to the great demand for a more affordable home use tank, Floataway is now offering a beautiful all fibreglass tank which has been designed for easy self-assembly.

The tank has everything you need for profound relaxation at home but we do also offer additional features at extra cost, as detailed below in the Skylark's technical specifications. We can also provide detailed information about what you must do to prepare your room before the tank is installed. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for this document.

The 'Skylark' Technical Specification:

Beautiful, modern, registered design in “light French Blue” (other colours available at request) with white dome and interior, made in the UK
GRP long-life construction with smooth inside surfaces for hygiene and easy cleaning.
Float size at the water line 210cm by 145cm, ergonomic profile
Can be fitted into small rooms - minimum : 250cm by 200cm or in a suitable cabin, outdoors
Capacity : 600 litres including 300 kg of Epsom salt
Weight when full : 850 kg, suitable for any standard strength floor
Digitally controlled thermostat for accurate (+/-0.1° C) temperature control
Built in water level sensor warns of low level and inhibits pump and heater for safety
Internal long life lighting with air coupled on/off control
Integral surface skimmer and pump filter system, with air coupled switch for electrical safety
Easy to use, unique top entry cartridge filter system for either washable or disposable filters
Unique, counterbalanced, easy-open door allowing front or side access to suit every room plan
Door adjustable from inside to control the amount of ventilation required
Top and Skylark door lift off for easy, periodic cleaning
Designed for self-assembly by any practical person, (two people required for carrying)
Written self-assembly instructions provided with the tank. Instructions also available on a special website with photographs
Laminated safety instructions and easy maintenance guide provided
All parts go through standard doors and corridors (if in doubt, please see our website or ask for our guidelines for access requirements)
Electrical supply required : 220 to 240 Volts AC with an RCD and a 10 Amp fuse or MCB with a ceiling pull switch, as for an electric shower with a waterproof termination point in the room, fitted by a qualified electrician. The switch must be 2m from the waterline. This product must be earthed
Typical power required : 650 Watts continuous
No plumbing required, tank can be filled using a hose from any tap

Additional options are available at extra cost:

Autodoser for chlorine or hydrogen peroxide
Floataway UV filter
Sound transducers for high quality underwater sound
Automatic timer for standby pump timing
"Spa Wand", a manual vacuum for removing heavy particle from the floor of the tank
Chemical pack (to monitor the pH, alkalinity and chlorine)

This product is intended for private use at home, not for commercial use. All users must read the instructions carefully before using this product.

What about commercial use?

It is possible for us to convert the Skylark float tank to make it suitable for commercial use but there are a number of factors which need to be taken into consideration. More information

This specification is for guidance and may change without notice.
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