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Floataround MK1
As the name suggests it is a round float pool, 2.4 metres (8 feet) in diameter and features its own integral shower cubicle. The floater enters through one door, showers and then enters the pool. This avoids the wet walk from shower to float tank, saves mopping time and is very convenient for the customer. The round pool is 280mm (11 inches) deep and big enough to stretch the arms and legs, so it is ideal for gentle floating exercise as well as really relaxing.

The high ceiling and open design prevents any thoughts of claustrophobia, ideal for first time floaters. The walls are Röhm Plexiglas Satinice® 6mm acrylic in a range of colours.

For open plan rooms they can also be specified in opaque colours for privacy. Obviously this needs to be in a larger room than Floataway's classic float tank. The floataround measures approximately 3500 by 2290 mm (11 ft 6 in by 7 ft 6 in).

So this new product is aimed at commercial spas where its imposing design can be appreciated. Various lighting effects can also be employed to highlight its exterior appearance. The elegant curved steps up to the shower can be removed to access the technical parts which are under the shower.

No external equipment is required apart from a remote control, which allows the lights and pump to be switched. A two way intercom can be added, and a sound source such as a CD player is required to send music to the 4 high tech acoustic transducers which send the sound into the water.


Height : 2250 mm
Foot print : 3410 x 2450 mm
Weight, unoccupied : 1700 kg
Capacity : 1200 litres
Tallest floater : 225 cm (7'5")
Power : 1750W - 230V(110V option

Obviously the temperature control is automatic and requires just less than one kilowatt in a normal temperature room. The shower needs hot and cold water or could be specified as an electric type. Inside the Floataround the floater has control of the shower light and an alarm button. The internal step and handrail is always lit at low level for safety.

we offering the Floataround with custom design features and colour options.

Contact us for details.
Floataround Compact
Floataround CompactFloataround Compact
This is our smallest float tank because it can fit into a 250cm (98.5") square room. It consists of one shower module, one quadrant module and one long tank module making a full standing height float room with built in shower. The floating area is about 230 cm (90.5") long and 145cm (57") wide, plenty big enough for commercial use, or ideal for private use in a specially equipped room, indoors or outdoors. The inner wall surfaces must be waterproof, such as tiles or laminates. The float tank parts, including special domed ceiling parts, are self supporting.

The room must be ventilated of course, and we can advise on all aspects of construction. Larger rooms are also possible, and we advise that you contact us with your exact requirements. The pump and control box are located under the shower for easy access by lifting away the steps. The mouldings are usually white, but can be made in other colours to order. The curved wall panels are available in a range of attractive colours.
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